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Why the Next Roof Should Be Metal

When the house needs a new roof make sure it is a metal one to reduce maintenance, energy, and insurance costs. Having metal roofing installed will cost more money initially but provide a much higher return on the investment. Once the roof is installed, which will take less time than installing any other material, savings begin immediately. Those savings will continue for as long as the family lives in that house.


The maintenance and repairs for a metal roof are virtually non-existent. The metal resists mold, leaks, insects, rotting, crumbling, and cracking. The hard surface is slippery which means snow will easily fall off it and rain will not remain on it long enough to ice over. This prevents excess weight from causing damage when record amounts of snow fall during the winter. Metal radiates the harmful rays of the sun so drought conditions or a tropical heat wave will not dry out the roof and make it brittle.


That radiating sun property also saves money on cooling costs. In the summer the interior temperature will not spike between noon and three in the afternoon because the roof does not absorb that extra heat. Depending on the manufacturer, the panels of metal may already have insulation in them to lower heating costs in the winter. If they do not, layers of insulation can be added to the house before the panels are installed. Since wind and dampness will not be entering through the roof, the family will be comfortable.

Insurance Premiums

Premiums are calculated based on risks. When the insurance company takes a minute to learn about Erie Metal Roofs, the superior quality of the materials, and all the resistance factors, the premiums will be less than a homeowner with a shingle roof. The lifetime warranty is another plus that will lower the premium. Leaks, storm damage, and lack of preventative maintenance are the causes of the most common reasons for claims. While excessive hail may cause a copper or aluminum roof to dent rarely, a steel roof withstands most hail storms. Discover other reasons for lower premiums at

Still Not Convinced?

If the savings all year in lower utility bills, maintenance costs, and insurance premiums does not convince a homeowner that the next roof should be metal, there are more benefits to mention. The increase in the property value is higher than homes with new traditional roofs. A metal roof is a selling point for buyers because of the savings and the transferable warranty. Go to roofing, metal, Erie for a free estimate on a new metal roof.